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Aeroflow Electric Radiators

Aeroflow German Engineered Electric Radiators

Each Aeroflow Electric Ceramic radiator has its own built-in 7 day 24 hour programmer , and an extremely sensitive thermostat , so each room can have its own settings , its own timings and temperature control , its own little micro-climate ! Who wants heating on in the bedroom during the same hours of the day as you want heat in the living room ? With Aeroflow radiators you dont have to ! Who wants to heat the living room when they are out at work during the day ? With Aeroflow you dont have to , but if you do want heat in the living room during the day on your weekends spent at home then with Aeroflow you can have that too . Its called 7 day programming ! Do you have a room with a lot of solar gain on a sunny day ? If so, no problem ! the thermostatic control on the Aeroflow radiator will adjust accordingly so you will only use electricity to heat that room when its needed, and not when the sun is already doing the job , so there is no wasted energy use. Basically with Aeroflow electric radiators you are in complete control of the temperatures in each room of your house , at every hour of the day and night , every day of the year , for greater comfort , maximum fuel economy and no wasted heat ! 

AEROFLOW radiators are 100% efficient Internally they have fireclay heat plates surrounding the elements to transfer the heat to the radiant surface Integral room thermostats accurate to +/- 0.1 deg C. Also includes a digital programmable timing system with comfort, economy and frost protection settings A great replacement for night storage heaters. No pipes, no plumbing, no maintenance. 30 years guarantee

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Aeroflow Af10

Aeroflow Af10£623.00

Aeroflow Af10 1600 Watt Electric Radiator

Aeroflow AF14

Aeroflow AF14£623.00

Aeroflow AF14 2000 Watt Electric Radiator

Aeroflow AF07

Aeroflow AF07£599.00

Aeroflow AF07 2500 Watt electric Radiator

Aeroflow AF05

Aeroflow AF05£529.00

Aeroflow AF05 2000 Watt Electric Radiator

Aeroflow AF03

Aeroflow AF03£498.00

Aeroflow AF03 1300 Watt Electric Heater

Aeroflow Af12

Aeroflow Af12£498.00

Aeroflow Af12 1200 Watt Electric Radiator

Aeroflow AF01

Aeroflow AF01£443.00

Electrorad Aeroflow AF01 650 Watts

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