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Gazco Ashdon

Gazco Ashdon

Gazco Ashdon

Refinement and performance are very much the hallmarks of the Gas Ashdon. Its graceful lines and fine Gothic tracery window combined with the latest gas fire technology provide a superb focal point for your home. There is also the choice of a clear door version. Identical in performance, size and finish options to the tracery door model, the clear door version is for those who crave the fullest possible flame picture without compromise.
There is a choice of traditional Matt Black, Matt Ivory, Midnight Blue, Laurel Green or Ivory enamel finishes; coal or log fuel beds; Standard upgradeable & Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable remote controls.

Also available as an Electric version

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Brand:  Gazco
Fuel Type:  Gas
Flue:  Conventional Flue or Balanced Flue

Gazco Ashdon

Size: 652mm(h) x 654mm(w) x 502mm(d)
Nominal Heat Output: 2.50 - 5.28kW
Gas Types: Natural Gas / LPG
Fuel effect: Logs and Coals
Efficiency: Conventional Flue: 78%
Balanced Flue: 82%
Choice of five colours
Command Controls: Manual, Standard upgradeable or
Programmable upgradeable
Flame Viewing Area 320 x 230mm

 Gazco Stoves Brochure