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Can I have a Woodburning Stove anymore?

Currently there is a lot of bad press and scaremongering regarding woodburning stoves at the moment. If you look at the STOVE INDUSTRY ALLIANCE website all of this news is explained in great depth. (click here for more info) On 14-1-19 Defra introduced its new clean air draft strategy. It goes on to say that it recognises that not all wood burns in the same way and that wood (be it a hard or soft wood species) needs a moisture content of below 20% to burn at its most efficient, but the efficiency in the way it is burnt is also of importance in respect of the particulate matter (PM) which can add to air pollution. Stove owners and those thinking of buying a new stove can be assured that the government is not seeking to ban wood burning stoves, but instead it wants to ensure that consumers are aware of the cleanest performing stoves and are aware of the cleanest fuels. The stove industry answered this situation some years ago by introducing DEFRA approved appliances which are approved for use in smoke control areas. Latterly, in order to fall in line with the new clean air draft strategy, stove manufacturers have produced SIA approved appliances which are the cleanest and most efficient of their kind They are branded ECODESIGN READY. Even the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has said ”ecodesign ready stoves will help consumers to make the right choice of stove for London and other smoke control areas” Burning seasoned wood with a low moisture content on a modern stove remains one of the most environmentally friendly and safe methods of heating your home, and is fully endorsed and recommended by Defra.

Stove Centre in North Devon offers you a great selection of British made and imported wood burning / multi fuel / gas and electric stoves, across a variety of styles and sizes, and our philosophy is to recommend what we feel represents good value in every price bracket. Our discounted prices ensure that you won`t be paying over the odds for any stove that you buy from us as we are very competitive as well as helpful and knowledgeable! Every member of staff here has over 20 years experience in retailing woodburning stoves. This website is constantly being updated but is by no means comprehensive so please ring or email us if you cant immediately find what you need. Our showrooms in South Molton are open 6 days a week with ample parking, displaying over 100 different appliances, including many working models, and we are here to help from 9-5. Our delivery service for most products is nationwide, and even into Europe, and our warehouse is well stocked for prompt despatch of a wide variety of goods and appliances, just waiting for your order! 





Our flagship range and the make we all use ourselves at home, we have been enthusiastic  Woodwarm dealers since 1979 !

British made, and despite the name, Woodwarm Stoves are true multi-fuel burners, equally happy to burn purely wood, purely coal or a mixture of the two, thanks to the open /close grate bar system, with external riddling that can be done with the door shut. These stoves have the best clean burn system for really clean glass, even on a slumber, and are supremely controllable.

Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, including the slender models which offer really large viewing windows, Woodwarm Stoves have various styling options and four different ranges to choose from. The most comprehensive of these is the Fireview range , which also includes double-sided stoves, and options such as brass fittings and canopies for the more traditional look, whereas the latest addition is the Phoenix range with a clean contemporary look, and Defra approval for smoke controlled zones. 

Featured Manufacturer
Woodwarm Phoenix Fireblaze

Woodwarm Phoenix FireblazeCALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Woodwarm Phoenix Fireblaze 6Kw Multi Fuel stove

Woodwarm Fireview 9Kw

Woodwarm Fireview 9KwCALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Woodwarm Fireview 9Kw 9Kw Multi Fuel stove

Woodwarm Foxfire

Woodwarm FoxfireCALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Woodwarm Foxfire 4Kw Multi Fuel Stove

Woodwarm Phoenix Eco Fireblaze

Woodwarm Phoenix Eco FireblazeCALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Woodwarm Phoenix Fireblaze 6Kw Multi Fuel stove

Top Sellers
Aarrow Acorn View 4

Aarrow Acorn View 4CALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Aarrow Acorn View 4 4.2Kw Multi Fuel Stove

Aarrow Acorn View 5

Aarrow Acorn View 5CALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Aarrow Acorn View 5 5Kw Multi Fuel Stove

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11CALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11 11Kw Multi fuel stove

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 4

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 4CALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 4 4Kw Multi Fuel Stove

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Inset

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 InsetCALL 01769 574411 FOR OUR BEST PRICE

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Inset 5Kw Inset Multi Fuel Stove

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