Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves

In our opinion, nothing can beat a Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stove. The heat, visual effect and control of a modern Stove is second to none.

Modern Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves offer ultra low emissions. From 2022 the new clean air acts come into play. All Stoves manufactured must be SIA or ECO approved. This means the technology inside these Stoves are able to burn off impurities, thus giving a more complete burn (more heat for you) and better air quality. This is explained in great detail on the SIA website.

Woodwarm Fireview Eco

Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves on display in our showroom

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Manufacturers of Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves

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Choosing the correct fuel

To get the most out of your Stove, it is important to burn the correct fuel.
To learn more, read our guide below.

Virtues of Wood Burning

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