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Mendip Stoves

Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves from the Mendip Hills

Mendip Stoves are an established company with a long history in the stove industry, assuring you that your Mendip stove is beautifully built by experienced craftsman using today’s most cutting edge technology. Mendip stoves are manufactured to exceed British standards with demand for quality at every stage of manufacture from the heavy duty steel bodies to the ergonomically designed door handle, every detail has been meticulously considered. Their design expertise ensures that their stoves are both efficient and cost effective to run.

Mendip Ashcott Stove

Mendip Ashcott Stove

Mendip Woodland Stove

Mendip Woodland Stove

Mendip stoves utilise quality cast iron in their stoves, for their grates, log retainers and some doors allowing for bespoke mouldings to be created exclusively to Mendip. The simple to operate air supplies have been carefully considered so as not only to ensure the most efficient combustion possible but also to pass a continuous stream of air over the front glass helping to keep your view of the fire unimpeded. All Mendip stoves are CE Marked. This means that your Mendip stove has been independently tested to exacting European standards for heating efficiency, safety and emissions.

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