Some wood split into logs ready to burn on a Stove.

Virtues of Wood Burning

Wood is possibly the oldest known fuel. Not only is it an excellent source of heat, but cooking with it was the only option for many centuries. We believe that burning wood, and a real flame fire, has a direct effect on our senses.

Wood is also a sustainable fuel. Many Stove manufactures are in a league with the Woodland Trust, planting thousands of trees in the UK each year. Wood is also carbon neutral, so it is a better fuel to use environmentally, providing it is seasoned properly.

A Woodwarm Fireview Eco Wood Burning Stove on display in our showroom.

Woodwarm Stove on display in our showroom

Some logs ready to burn on a Stove.

The most important thing to consider is that in its living state wood contains lots of moisture. When a tree is felled for fuel, it needs to be cut into appropriate sized logs. These logs then need to be split down into halves or quarters, and stored until seasoned. The logs should be stacked somewhere to receive lots of good sunshine and good air movement. Rain and any form of moisture must be kept away from the logs at all costs!

What you are looking to achieve is to lower the moisture content of the logs to 20% or below. There is a time scale involved in this process which is usually in the region of 1 to 2 years, depending on the species of tree and the conditions in which the logs are stored.

Many merchants now supply Kiln Dried logs. These logs have been seasoned to a degree and then cooked to drive out even more moisture. Kiln Dried logs are an excellent fuel which burns very well and gives off an amazing heat!